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Organisational Health Focus
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Our Free Guide Helps You Understand:

  1. Different types of Automation – from RPA through to robo advice
  2. The barriers to implementing an Automation strategy
  3. How robo advice from Footdown overcomes these barriers with rapid and significant benefits for organisational health

Footdown are a great partner; they challenge our thinking and bring new ideas to the table both through their people and their technology. A most forward-thinking company that really helps us challenge convention.

What does our research tell us?


Many organisations aspire to trial and implement

Within organisations, the sheer volume of data now available and the ever-increasing number of sources it comes from can be overwhelming. Existing practices around simplifying business processes are now being extended to include data management. From Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has come Intelligent Automation, Cognitive Automation and Robo Advice, all terms to describe the next generation of added-value Automation.


Robo advice can leapfrog earlier stages of RPA

Organisations sometimes struggle to move from pilot stage to wider rollout when it comes to Automation. Factors include a lack of senior leadership buy-in, fear about implications for employees and resistance to change. If instead they chose to trial low-risk robo-advice in this very area around organisational health, they could gain buy-in to the benefits of automation prior to implementing a wider Automation strategy.


Rapidly does the upfront analysis around organisational health to dramatically improve decision-taking

Footdown has been developed from a research project with the University of Bath. Aimed at Senior Leadership & Managers and hosted in the Cloud, it is already showing organisations the performance advantage of receiving crystal-clear insights about their organisation’s health.

It allows organisations to understand the interplay between their culture, resilience, leadership capability, employee engagement & alignment, as well as their ability to bring about change & transformation. It has many uses, from advice about individual teams up to whole organisations. There might be a concern to improve performance or exactly the opposite – to avoid complacency. Equally it might be an event - strategic planning, a transformation programme or as part of M&A activity to assess compatibility and strategic fit.