HR Trends for 2019

Innovative robo adviser gives HR a new strategic voice

Organisational Health Focus
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This is a game changing piece of software that enables us to think differently about how we improve performance in the business. The speed, accuracy and focus of it is exactly what we need right now.

What does our research tell us?


Opportunity to harness data for a new strategic voice

As a data-rich function, automation has the potential to revolutionise the day to day activities of HR teams. The data that comes from this, alongside new sources, will give HR Leaders a new strategic voice in the Boardroom if harnessed correctly.

Automation has various stages, from collecting structured data via Robotic Process Automation (RPA), to using it for analytical work. RPA robots have historically been capable of following simple rules, but advances mean Intelligent Automation offers advice from the data collected. Dependent on your objectives, leapfrogging basic RPA to reach robo advice from the outset is highly cost effective and should be part of any digital HR strategy.


Organisational health broader than just employee engagement or culture

Organisational health (OH) covers capability and alignment, looking in depth at an organisation’s culture, employee engagement and performance, perceptions towards strategy and resilience, capacity and capability to change, as well as the dynamics within individual teams. This breadth unlocks conversations at leadership level that would never otherwise happen, while tracking OH over time shows a link between it and improved business performance.


Hosted in the Cloud on a robust UK hosting platform

Over time, organisations may equip themselves to automate the data they hold.  In the meantime, a low-risk, proven robo adviser already exists to give HR leaders a new strategic voice in the area of organisational health that does not rely on costly/lengthy IT projects. It offers huge flexibility of topics for different sizes of team or organisation at a fraction of the cost of consultants, providing rapid, simple, actionable insight that their methods cannot deliver.