The future of management information is here today.


Revolutionising management information for the leader of 2020.

We are on a mission to revolutionise provision of the simple, actionable insight about a business that leaders need to manage in the current climate. Footdown complements traditional hard metrics to give a rounded picture by drawing on what the workforce knows. It shows the leader in just four charts where to focus.

We believe that when the pressure is on to deliver, there is no time to waste – gaining clarity is imperative.



Building a brave new world of intelligence through Sensemaking.

We believe that in today’s high-tech world, world-class intelligence doesn’t need to be expensive. And that’s why we’ve created the world’s first Sensemaking platform.

In our future, today’s leaders will be able to access reliable information, real-time intelligence and actionable insights faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.



Balancing youthful audacity with experience and respect.

Our team of courageous trailblazers are dedicated to helping business leaders and people management teams improve performance within their organisations.

We like to lead by example and are driven by three simple values; ambition, inspiration and respect.

Discover the world’s first
Sensemaking platform.


Super fast

Uncover actionable insights in minutes.



Enable informed leadership decisions.


Highly efficient

Improve performance cost-effectively.

An incredible organisation

"Footdown is an incredible organisation. In the space of just a few hours they had the whole Isle team working together towards a shared goal, using a common language, behaving with aligned principles and values. They brought clear insight and real genuine value to our business.
I have no doubt that over the next year we will reap a return at least 10 times the amount we spent with Footdown.”
Piers Clark, Chairman, Isle Utilities
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