Our vision is clear; to disrupt the consultancy industry by providing world-class solutions that provide leaders with access to accurate, intelligent information, faster and more cost effectively than available elsewhere today.

Audacious, Challenging, Collaborative and Straight Talking

Footdown is dedicated to challenging the status quo and enabling leaders to drive performance cultures within their organisations. Our people get out of bed every day to be the difference for our clients, initiating and managing change in order to find performance advantage.

Our Team

Dr. Mike Carter

R&D Director

Helen Chance

Finance Manager

Alan Gater

Head of Product

Will Jefferson

Customer Success Manager

Matt Jenkins

Client Services Director

Andrew Mercer


Nick Middleton

Customer Success Manager

Sarah Nelson


John Potter

Product QA Specialist

Mark Quartermaine

Executive Chairman

Mike Roe


Rachel Tokley

HR and Office Manager

Chris Evans

Non-Executive Director

Robert Van Der Zalm

Non-Executive Director

Fiona Powell

Product Marketing