What’s happening in your business right now?

If someone asked you what’s happening in your business right now, how confident would you be about your answer? How long would it take you to find the right data and then accurately interpret it, without bias or the support of external consultants?

Gather lost signals from across your business

In an increasingly remote world, it’s harder than ever for CEOs to gain employee insights from those ‘water cooler moments’ that once allowed them to use gut instinct and intuition to identify potential issues.

Existing management information on its own isn’t the answer. It produces too much data and not enough direction. Neither are traditional consultants. They take too long, they’re disruptive and frankly, increasingly impractical.

graphic of people looking at data on a screen whilst using laptops

A graphic of a man sitting using a laptop

Automate analysis for clear leadership direction

Enter Footdown – a unique software solution founded in sensemaking science, which quickly and clearly shows CEOs where they need to focus their attention in order to optimise business health and performance, react to change and get ahead of potential challenges.

Our simple but powerful intuitive questioning system allows leaders to gain unbiased insights from employees on a range of subject areas. Then the software’s unique algorithm aggregates and analyses that information instantly, producing clear, actionable information to help the CEO make critical decisions faster. This might include them focusing management time on a specific division, an aspect of leadership or on an overall area of operations or performance.

Combine data sets to create a business nervous system

The Footdown reporting structure, which maps gathered data onto four topical lenses, gives you the capability to get both an overview of what’s happening in your business and drill down for a closer look at any areas that stand out.

By overlaying these lenses on top of your existing management information within your Business Intelligence tools or reporting, you create a complete business nervous system. This allows you to easily take the temperature of your organisation and make better decisions faster.

Graphic of a monitor, laptop, tablet and smartphone with data on and around all the screens

With Footdown’s platform, we have been able to massively accelerate our journey to success. Implementing the insights and intelligence the platform provides on an ongoing basis is a critical aspect of our development strategy.