If the unexpected happened, how prepared would you be?

In business, being able to react quickly to changing circumstances and unexpected events is essential. But by the time a CEO knows there’s a problem, it is often too late as it is harder to change under pressure. So how can leaders get ahead of issues before they arise in order to maintain their organisation’s health and performance?

Providing clarity in a complex world

There was a time when the best leaders could engage their gut instinct to alert them to potential challenges and opportunities within their business. Face-to-face ‘water cooler moments’ provided qualitative insights from their people on the ground.

But in this rapidly changing, complex and increasingly remote world there is no quick and easy way for CEOs to get grass roots visceral signals about how their business is performing. Having understood any issues, it is harder still to track progress against them quickly and easily.

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Automated insights that go beyond the data

Traditional management information, even if summarised in business intelligence tools, usually provides numbers-focused data with lag that offers no direction for further investigation. Human consultants are slow and expensive – and ineffective in today’s homeworking world.

Employees can often act as nerve endings to sense what’s going on in the business, but they have limited means of transmitting what they sense, let alone collate multiple signals into clear indications of important issues.

A virtual business nervous system

Footdown is a new software product founded in sensemaking science. When embedded into your existing business intelligence tools or set alongside management information, it helps create a nervous system, rapidly scanning each part of an organisation to provide early warning of potential problem areas.

Using unique, intuitive questions as sensors to quickly and easily health-check a business’s performance across a number of critical topics, Footdown automatically aggregates and interprets the information. Pulse surveys take fewer than 5 minutes per employee and can be repeated in line with management reporting cycles to track progress.

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Strategic direction for business leaders

This gives CEOs simple, unambiguous and unbiased assistance that helps them focus management time on the most critical areas. When inevitable shocks occur, a business is in the best possible health to withstand them.

Its insights can be integrated into existing business intelligence platforms to complete the picture of how a business is running and create the next generation of nervous system.

Every company has things they need to work on. You tackle one challenge and another one pops up. With Footdown we can tackle challenges very quickly and focus on the important things.