Creating a business nervous system

Footdown is a revolutionary new software solution that uses employee insights to help CEOs take a temperature check of their organisation’s health and performance. Our process surfaces issues and opportunities in real time, allowing leaders to make better, faster decisions.

How the Footdown process works

Step 01: Align the data

Ensure the system is set up to provide you with best fit information for your organisation.

To get Footdown delivering results that are meaningful to your business for easy comparison, we will match up the software’s reporting hierarchies to those you currently use to look at your management information data.

Your first step is to use our secure gateway to share employee data including email address and the relevant categories they fit against within your reporting tools. This could be division, country, seniority level or any other factor you’re interested in.

Graphic of connected data blocks

graphic of people looking at data on a screen whilst using laptops

Step 02: Run Footdown

Gather insights from your people on the ground and create reports that cut through the noise.

You’ll be up and running quickly and then it’s time to start using Footdown’s sensemaking approach to gather, analyse and report back the information that will help you get a clear view of your organisation’s performance right now.

  • Measure: Our questioning approach gathers instinctive bias-free insights from your employees.
  • Analyse: The software joins the dots to interpret and give context to the data, highlighting what’s important.
  • Report: Visual lenses and simple reports make it possible to dive deeper and explore patterns.

Step 03: Augment BI data

Combine wide and deep views to explore causality within your performance data.

By itself, Footdown provides clarity on real time business performance, allows CEOs to anticipate problems and opportunities, and makes it that much easier to manage the unexpected by facilitating faster decision-making.

Overlay Footdown within your current BI platform or reporting and you have a game-changing new tool – a business nervous system with both breadth and depth. Footdown completes the picture, allowing comparison of numbers-based performance data and qualitative feedback on the management topics that will be significant contributing factors to overall performance.

Graphic of a monitor, laptop, tablet and smartphone with data on and around all the screens

I usually hate these types of things… but this is different, this is game-changing.