How to understand your organisation’s health in real-time

A free 1-hour webinar with Footdown’s longest-serving customer, Buster Dover, on how Footdown helps find out what’s going on in your business right now

Who are we talking to?

We will be chatting with our longest-serving customer and RADA‘s new Director, Buster Dover on how he will be leading his organisation through these challenging times and how he will use Footdown to help him get real-time business performance insights.

Who is Buster Dover?

Buster has managed several leading digital marketing agencies over the years so he knows a thing or two about getting ahead of the curve. 

Buster has used Footdown’s Sensemaking tool to help him lead through his last three companies.

His latest assignment is to become Director of RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) to help lead them through their next phase.

Who is RADA?

RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) is a registered charity which offers world-leading training in the dramatic arts. They offer vocational training for actors, stage managers, designers and technical stagecraft specialists.

Why is it important to know how your business is doing right now?

In this rapidly changing world, business leaders are under constant pressure to know what is happening across their organisations. 

Now, more than ever, leaders need a way of getting real-time signals to help diagnose which areas of their organisations need attention. With increased knowledge, leaders are then better equipped to make important decisions and manage the unexpected.

So come and join us! 

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Photo of RADA's Buster Dover