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Giving business leaders confidence during rapid digital transformation.

transformation is a 'must do'..

Digitising a business requires a new set of skills.

The current pace of digital change was unimaginable just a few months ago, but the jobs people are returning to are likely to have more of a technology component than ever before. Managing this change successfully amid other pressures can be daunting for leaders. 

a DT-focused footdown lens

Understand the state of your digital transfomation in minutes.

Footdown follows the 9 high level topics that a leader should track when digitising their business. It gives a snapshot as to how well these things are in place in the eyes of their workforce, from strategy through to implementation.

Sensemaking in software

Harness your workforce’s instinct as to what is really going on.

Footdown embeds Sensemaking in software. It gives leaders the critical in the moment snapshot of their business they can rely on to help guide where to focus resources and action. This might include leadership issues, the need for structure, current climate, team attributes or performance of specific business units.

Big Picture not Big Data.

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PROVIDING analytical rigour

"Footdown has a very clever way of providing accurate analysis to guide the organisational development efforts by customising their solution in line with the client’s size, context and expectations. It provides the analytical rigour to better address topics that are inherently subjective. This means that organisational development paths can be better integrated with clear business needs and objectives."
Michael Jennings, Chief Executive, Hydro International


Discover the power of Sensemaking and where to focus your attention

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