Price Bailey

Leveraging Full Potential for a High Performance Organisation

Price Bailey, leading accountancy and business advisory firm, has been working with Footdown for over four years. The company has always been efficient and profitable but wanted to reach its full potential and become the best in its field. Now Price Bailey has been recognised for outstanding employee engagement in The Sunday Times Top 100 Companies 2018 and is reporting double digit annual growth.

Martin Clapson, Managing Director of Price Bailey comments:

“Footdown is very good at making companies look inward and clearly assess their strong points and areas that need improving. By analysing these aspects we were able to understand what was happening in our organisation at that moment in time and also decide what kind of organisation we actually want to be. Yes, we were in a good place but with Footdown’s help we understood what we could do to become even better and leverage our full potential.

It’s very easy for successful companies to become complacent and turn a blind eye to potential weaknesses because they’re doing well. With Footdown we uncovered our blind spots and dealt with them so the business would run even more efficiently. Many companies don’t realise that issues that may not seem very important now could become major challenges down the line. Footdown’s blend of software and consultancy capabilities helped us stay on top of the issues that were holding us back from becoming a leader in our sector

The reality is that we have to keep changing and improving. We need to become the best at what we’re doing but also develop employees’ skills, those related to our core expertise and also softer skills. With Footdown we could track how each proposed change would affect critical business outcome.

The most important thing I learned from working with Footdown’s team of experts was that the best moment to implement change is when a company is successful. If it’s a good change then the organisation will become even better. Also, if the proposed change doesn’t deliver the desired results, the company won’t be significantly affected because it’s already in a good place and it can quickly recover and adjust.

If a company is in ‘challenging mode’, the pressure of successful change is very high. Footdown’s mindset is different from other  consultancies, helping organisations change before they’re in a critical state. In this way everyone in the organisation has time to adjust to new processes and structures. You can’t rush change. Each employee or team has its own rhythm and our role as senior executives is to offer them a supportive workplace that encourages employees to develop professionally and reach their full potential.

Footdown’s solution stops companies from being complacent and enables senior leaders to effect change with confidence. Using the data provided by Footdown we gain credibility, support and confidence that we are improving areas that need to change and we’re increasing organisational performance.

Another critical benefit of Footdown’s approach is creating the right company culture starting with the top levels of management. This cements the right values and creates strong foundations, preparing the organisation for managing any unpredicted change in the market taking place in the economic or political landscape.

What I like most about Footdown’s solution is that it’s easy to use and very practical. It is obvious that their software has lots of substance and a strong academic background but also that Footdown’s team understands that users are dealing with real people. Unlike other big, traditional consultancies Footdown understands that we’re not just numbers and our business is not just a formula. They make us look inward, understanding that we’re all different people and personalities and there is no solution that fits all. Our employees are our greatest assets and with Footdown’s help we’re able to better understand each other and create a high performance team that is driven by a common set of values and goals.

Footdown has a significant role in our journey to success and their support in reaching our full potential and becoming the best we can be is a critical aspect of our development strategy.”