Mullenlowe Group

How to successfully merge several company cultures into a stronger, dynamic and competitive new organisation

MullenLowe, a leading marketing communications network, has been working with Footdown for over five years. The collaboration initially started after Profero was acquired by Lowe & Partners (now MullenLowe) in 2014. Having worked with Footdown in the Profero business post acquisition and following a change in senior management, the new management team wanted to ensure a successful integration of company cultures and areas of expertise. The senior executives used Footdown’s services to get a clear view and objective insights regarding company culture and unique identity elements, and also uncover potential fears and concerns.

By using Footdown’s diagnostic solution, MullenLowe was able to put together an effective strategy for the newly created entity that was bringing together four different businesses and then acquired a further two. In this way, the agency was able to focus on critical priorities for the following year while also addressing any potential challenges.

Buster Dover, General Manager MullenLowe, comments:

“Footdown’s analysis and workshops are fantastic. They are incredibly helpful for the management team and all employees. It helped us confront tough situations and emerge significantly stronger on the other side.

Footdown played a significant role in integrating all the businesses we’ve acquired in the past years. It helped us understand how people operate, how to create high performing teams and achieve cultural synergy, which is very difficult to obtain when amalgamating six different teams and companies.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone in a leadership position.

The scientific element of their solution and collaboration with the University of Bath makes them stand out against the competition. Also, with Footdown, leaders can uncover the areas of greatest concern that they might not be aware of. It provides a brutally honest analysis of the organisation, but it can be a phenomenally powerful tool to help drive the agenda and identify the most pressing priorities. Most leaders will already have a plan of action and good ideas for driving the business forward, but it’s also crucial to understand the priority and urgency of each action.

Footdown’s solution is a must for any business leader taking up a new role. It provides invaluable insights and intelligence regarding the current state of the company they’re leading, any potential weaknesses, issues and valuable assets.

Without an objective X-ray of the entire organisation leaders might base their strategy on assumptions and opinions of several people, but true organisational health and the intricacies of company culture can only be uncovered when involving all employees from all structures and departments.

If an organisation has more than 100 employees, it becomes much harder for senior executives to feel the business and really understand what is happening everywhere. With Footdown they can truly assess organisational health, performance, potential threats and strengths.

Footdown is a must. It removes the guesswork and empowers senior leaders to make data-driven decisions to develop the company they manage and increase the likelihood of long-term success.”