Isle Utilities

Empowering Teams to Reach Full Potential and Deliver High Performance

Piers Clark, Chairman of Isle Utilities has been working closely with Footdown for over nine years. Their collaboration started when Piers was Commercial Director for Thames Water.

Regarding his work with Footdown at Thames Water, Piers comments:

“I had a good team when working at Thames Water but they were in different departments, working on disparate projects. I wanted them to engage with each other and collaborate better for increased efficiency.

I brought Footdown in and the results were spectacular. Within hours people were communicating better and had a different respect for their co-workers and the organisation.

“When the senior executives saw the results achieved by my team they wanted to try Footdown’s platform as well. And, again, we had great results. This showed that no matter where you are within the organisation people react the same – they work with the same people for years but without really understanding what drives, motivates or challenges them. With Footdown’s help we were able to quickly peel back the layers, getting people to communicate with each other more effectively and this shifted their relationship forward in a fantastic way.”

A few years later, Piers set up his own company – Isle Utilities – now a leading technology and innovation consultancy. His team grew very quickly but people were scattered all over the world, from the UK to Australia and Singapore, and because employees were on different schedules and time zones, efficient communication was becoming challenging. That’s when Piers decided to bring all his staff to the UK and use Footdown’s expertise again.

“As a smaller organisation we didn’t have the same budgets as with Thames Water but we realised that we needed to sort out our teams and help them become stronger together. After seeing Footdown in action I was confident that they would deliver high performance, enabling us to radically change and gain a more competitive edge. And I wasn’t disappointed. Footdown showed how scalable their solution is and very quickly I saw a significant  shift in how the organisation was performing and how we were all talking to each other.

Footdown has become an integral part of our business strategy and it helps us understand the real issues that need addressing and which are less important than we consider them to be. In this way we are able to focus our attention and resources on things that really matter for the company’s future development, performance and success.

Before trying their solution, many people are reticent and don’t believe it’s going to work but the Footdown team is very professional, confident, highly qualified and more importantly, delivers results so quickly that people soon realise what a great find they are.

No organisation is perfect. Every company has things they need to work on and it’s a constant journey. You tackle one challenge and another one pops up. With Footdown we can tackle all challenges very quickly and focus on the important things.”