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I have never seen something so simple and yet so accurate

“This is by far the most impressive set of data on our company I have ever seen. I have never seen something so simple and yet so accurate that we can do something with.
This is my company, this is what I see when I travel around the various teams in our area of the business. I can identify with everything that has been mentioned here.
I usually hate these types of things – surveys like this – but this is different, this is game changing”

Gary Adey
Group Operations Director, Vodafone

Here’s How Footdown Provided Vodafone with the Insights Needed to Improve Organisational Culture and Customer Satisfaction

Vodafone UK is one of the nation’s largest telecommunications companies, serving over 18 million mobile and fixed line customers and employing nearly 11,000 people.

Here’s how Vodafone leveraged Footdown’s Consulting Automation Platform to identify and improve upon company culture issues that were negatively affecting customer satisfaction.


Improving company culture and customer satisfaction

Improving service for customers is a top priority for Vodafone. As a leading player in such a highly-competitive market, it’s imperative the company ensures all customers get everything they want in terms of service and value for money.

However, despite working hard to deliver results, the telecommunications provider’s Group Operations Director Gary Adey was struggling to improve customer satisfaction rates within his division that seemed to be stemming from problems with the organisation’s company culture.


Diagnosing organisational culture issues

In order to gain a better understanding of Vodafone’s organisational health, Adey leveraged Footdown’s Consulting Automation Platform to deploy advanced diagnostics across three key areas of the business.

Beginning in January 2018, Adey first turned to Footdown’s High Performing Workplace (HPW) lens to obtain a unique, in-depth read of business performance and the key cultural and engagement factors that were driving it. He also utilised the platform to unearth good examples of leadership which could be used to enhance customer satisfaction.

The pilot project was initially executed across 300 employees in the Group Enterprise division of the business. After successfully gaining crucial insights of where opportunities lay to improve organisational culture and customer satisfaction, Adey subsequently executed three further HPW activities in other areas of the business, and is currently executing an additional High Performing Leaders (HPL) activity across the entire Group Enterprise division.


Understanding of opportunities to improve customer satisfaction

The speed, focus and level of engagement generated by Footdown’s HPW and HPL solutions provided the Vodafone leadership team with a new-found clarity and insight into the root causes of internal culture problems that were leading to customer satisfaction issues.

The results – fully segmented by geography, job function and hierarchy – enabled Adey to gain the 40,000-foot view of his division and the roadblocks that were causing underperformance. The insights gathered were game-changing. Now fully-equipped with the data needed to have informed, evidence-based conversations about the true extent of the issues, Adey and his team were able to design and deliver bespoke interventions for all problems identified. This approach created a new, positive environment at Vodafone, where good practices could now be shared and embedded into new ways of working.

The quality and impact of Footdown’s Consulting Automation Platform and the ease in which it can be deployed has resulted in Vodafone exploring the purchase of a full licence for its Group Enterprise division.

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