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“Footdown played a significant role in integrating all the businesses we’ve acquired in the past years. It helped us understand how people operate, how to create high performing teams and achieve cultural synergy, which is very difficult to obtain when amalgamating six different teams and companies. The solution provides invaluable insights and intelligence regarding the current state of the company, any potential weaknesses, issues and valuable assets. I would definitely recommend Footdown to anyone in a leadership position.”


How Footdown Helped MullenLowe Group Successfully Merge Six Company Cultures into a Stronger, Dynamic and Competitive New Organisation

MullenLowe Group is a global integrated marketing communications network with headquarters in London and more than 90 offices in over 65 locations around the world. Consisting of five divisions, the Group provides integrated marketing, digital marketing, CX activation, public relations, and media planning and buying solutions to many of the world’s largest brands.

Here’s how Footdown helped MullenLowe Group overcome the challenges of amalgamating six different teams and companies and achieve cultural synergy across the entire organisation.


Integrating company cultures following acquisition

MullenLowe Group has been working with Footdown for over five years. The collaboration initially started after Lowe Profero (now MullenLowe Profero) was acquired by Lowe & Partners (now MullenLowe) in 2014.

MullenLowe Group was officially created in 2015 when Lowe & Partners merged with Mullen Advertising. The Group launched its new branding in 2016 with four main brands – MullenLowe, MullenLowe Profero, MullenLowe Mediahub and MullenLowe Open. In 2017, the Group purchased strategic communications agency Salt Communications, which was integrated as MullenLowe salt. Subsequently, MullenLowe salt and MullenLowe PR were grouped into one division, MullenLowe Comms.

Following a change in senior management and facing the challenge of bringing together six different businesses, the new management team needed a solution that would help them ensure the successful integration of company cultures and areas of expertise across the Group.


Gaining a clear, unbiased view of company cultures and organisational health

Having worked with Footdown in the Profero business post acquisition, senior executives at MullenGroup chose once again to leverage Footdown’s Consulting Automation Platform to gain a clear view and objective insights regarding company culture, unique identity elements of the separate brands, and also uncover potential fears and concerns amongst employees.  

The management team utilised Footdown’s diagnostic solution to uncover the areas of greatest concern when integrating the businesses, identify the most pressing priorities and ultimately drive the agenda forward. 

“If an organisation has more than 100 employees, it becomes much harder for senior executives to feel the business and really understand what is happening everywhere. With Footdown, they can truly assess organisational health, performance, potential threats and strengths,” said Buster Dover, Group Management Director at MullenLowe Group. “Footdown removes the guesswork and empowers senior leaders to make data-driven decisions to develop the company they manage and increase the likelihood of long-term success.”


Effecting an integration strategy and identifying critical priorities

Using the insights gained from Footdown’s intelligent analysis, MullenLowe Group was able to put together an effective strategy to integrate the six different businesses, and could then focus on critical priorities for the coming year and address all potential challenges.

Footdown enabled MullenLowe Group to obtain an objective, X-Ray view of the entire Group’s organisational health, covering company culture, employee alignment and performance, perceptions towards strategy and resilience, capacity and capability to change, and the dynamics within individual teams. This breadth of invaluable knowledge enabled MullenLowe Group to unlock strategic conversations at leadership level that would never otherwise have happened, helping the organisation confront tough situations head-on and emerge significantly stronger on the other side.

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