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The results were spectacular

We can tackle all challenges very quickly.

“Footdown’s solution has become an integral part of our business strategy. Before trying their solution, many people are reticent and don’t believe it’s going to work, but the Footdown team is very professional, confident, highly qualified and more importantly, delivers results so quickly that people soon realise what a great find they are. No organisation is perfect. Every company has things they need to work on and it’s a constant journey. You tackle one challenge and another one pops up. With Footdown we can tackle all challenges very quickly and focus on the important things. The results were spectacular.”

Piers Clark, Chairman of Isle Utilities

How Footdown Helped Isle Utilities Empower Its Teams to Reach Full Potential and Deliver High Performance

Isle Utilities is a specialist technology consulting firm that provides the Technology Approval Group (TAG) forum for water utilities around the world. TAG is an identification, screening and endorsement process for innovative start-up technology companies in the water and waste water sectors.  

Here’s how Footdown helped Isle Utilities manage its relocation project while empowering its workforce to communicate and collaborate more effectively for a competitive edge.


Enabling fast-growing teams scattered all over the world to engage and collaborate with each other

Piers Clark, Chairman of Isle Utilities, has been working closely with Footdown for over nine years. Their collaboration started when Piers was Commercial Director for Thames Water.

“I had a good team when working at Thames Water,” said Piers, “but they were in different departments, working on disparate projects. I wanted them to engage with each other and collaborate better for increased efficiency.”

That’s when he brought in Footdown. Using Footdown’s Consulting Automation Platform, Piers was able to quickly peel back the layers and diagnose the issues that were causing blockages in communication pathways at Thames Water and affecting company culture. “Within hours people were communicating better and had a different respect for their co-workers and the organisation,” Piers explained.

A few years later, Piers set up his own company – Isle Utilities – which is now a leading technology and innovation consultancy specialising in water utilities. His team grew very quickly but were scattered all over the world – from the UK to Australia to Singapore. Because employees were on different schedules and time zones, efficient communication was becoming increasingly challenging the larger the business grew.


Revealing organisational health and understand team drivers

To combat this growing issue, Piers decided to bring all his staff to the UK and use Footdown’s expertise once again.

“As a smaller organisation, we didn’t have the same budgets as with Thames Water, but we realised that we needed to sort out our teams and help them become stronger together,” said Piers. “After seeing Footdown in action I was confident that they would deliver high performance, enabling us to radically change and gain a more competitive edge.”

To help Piers better understand Isle Utilities organisational health following its relocation to the UK, he deployed Footdown’s diagnostic tool to gain insights into what drives, motivates and challenges his team. He was quickly able to surface cultural, performance and engagement issues that were hindering communication and ultimately preventing Isle Utilities from achieving optimum performance and reaching its full potential.


Identifying cirtical priorities, implementing change and gaining the competitive edge

The data generated by Footdown’s solution enabled Isle Utilities to identify which were the real issues that needed addressing, and which ones were less important than Piers and his management team had initially considered them to be.

In this way, the team was able to focus its attention and resources on the things that truly mattered for Isle Utilities’ future development, performance and success. A strategy was soon developed that addressed all areas that were identified for improvement. Change was implemented very quickly across the organisation, resulting in better communication and collaboration amongst the workforce, an improved company culture, and more streamlined operations.

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