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Creating better alignment

A very clever way of providing accurate analysis

“Footdown has a very clever way of providing accurate analysis to guide the organisational development efforts by customising their solution in line with the client’s size, context and expectations. It provides the analytical rigour to better address topics that are inherently subjective. This means that organisational development paths can be better integrated with clear business needs and objectives.”

Michael Jennings, Chief Executive, Hydro International

How Hydro International Accelerated Organisational Development and Alignment with Footdown

Hydro International is a global company that provides advanced products, services and expertise to help municipal, industrial and construction customers all over the world improve their water management processes, increase operational performance and reduce environmental impact.

Here’s how Footdown helped Hydro International create better alignment across its global workforce and develop stronger working relationships between teams.


Improve alignment and develop effective communication systems

With branches all over the world, Hydro International was struggling to achieve a working coherence between disparate teams and understand what was making its global workforce tick. The lack of insight was proving to be a hindrance to the company’s growth and development goals, as Hydro International was unable to look inward and clearly asses its strong points and identify specific areas that needed improving.

In particular, Hydro International was looking for better alignment and a functional strategy that would enable all teams to work better together, foster stronger working relationships, and establish effective communication systems.


Deploy Footdown to reveal root causes of organisational challenges

In 2014, Michael Jennings started working with Footdown when he was Chief Executive of Hydro International. He turned to Footdown’s Consulting Automation Platform to uncover the company’s alignment blind spots so Hydro International could deal with them and enhance the way its teams work together and interact.

With the help of Footdown’s diagnostic solution, Jennings was quickly able to make sense of the communication and alignment issues that were affecting his business. By identifying shared values and developing a common perspective across teams, the company was soon able to understand the organisational challenges ahead and adjust accordingly.


Development paths established and communication issues rectified

The insights gathered enabled Hydro International to identify immediate business change priorities and conduct productive leadership meetings that resulted in better organisational development paths being established.

Using the data provided by Footdown, Hydro International was able to start creating the right company culture that proved crucial to improving employee engagement, alignment and communication. Change was initiated across the organisation, energies were focused where they needed to be, and high-performance teams soon emerged driven by a common set of values and goals.

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