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Our vision is clear: to disrupt the consultancy industry with world-class solutions that provide leaders with access to accurate, intelligent information, faster and more cost effectively than available elsewhere today.

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Our Sensemaking Approach

The Digital Era brings with it an incredible amount of data – this can be both powerful and overwhelming. When it comes to using data to quantify workplace performance, traditional approaches are cumbersome and expensive, not revealing what is really making an organisation tick. Footdown is different because it brings to life Organisational Sensemaking.

Sensemaking is a constant activity that humans are doing to process information and take decisions. Like it or not, many of the decisions taken in the workplace and boardroom are based on quick, intuitive responses (rather than rational). Footdown harnesses the Sensemaking process to give Leaders the context they need to help support their decision-taking.

Already built into Footdown is academic thinking from across the different aspects of workplace performance. Add our Sensemaking approach and we join the dots in minutes. Leaders then move forward armed with clear insight into their organisation. In essence we positively harness employee intuition so Leaders don’t have to resort to using theirs.