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Leaders have long understood that performance improves if they align their teams around common goals, supporting where needed to deliver them. But how best to know that you are focused on the right things to make this happen?

Using Footdown upfront before investing in a specific area of workplace performance, for example in employee engagement or leadership development, means that what is then put in place has greatest chance of making the right impact.

Unlike other diagnostic tools, our approach is quick, accurate and non-disruptive, joining the dots of what is really driving performance. We do this by using Organisational Sensemaking to get to our insight, engaging and empowering employees and teams to make the changes they need to

Each employee need give only 5 minutes of their time and yet, as our clients testify, the results are incredibly accurate and provide real focus for action. Far more than just another survey tool – Footdown’s advice is a must-have for any modern leader.

This is a game-changing piece of software that enables us to think differently about how we improve performance in the business. The speed, accuracy and focus of it is exactly what we need right now.