Nick Middleton, Customer Relationship Manager

Nick Middleton Client Relationship Manager 

Nick is Client Relationship Manager and Footdown and is responsible for overseeing Footdown’s portfolio of clients, working closely with them to ensure they receive excellent customer satisfaction. Nick is also responsible for administering Footdown's F1.1 within organisations, setting up events, tailoring them to meet the needs of each client, collating the results and report writing. 
A key link between clients, consultants and the product, Nick is involved in the upskilling of consultants around F1.1. He regularly updates the consultancy team on developments in the capability of the product and where necessary feeds back to the product team on features that would aid consultancy. Nick also demonstrates the product to current and potential clients. 
As Client Relationship Manager, Nick is constantly working with clients to understand their specific requirements and making sure Footdown fulfils them - often liaising with clients and consultants to create bespoke programmes of work. In charge of resourcing, Nick manages a team of associates, selecting the appropriate consultants for each client’s needs. 
Passionate about customer service, Nick's background is client orientated and relationship focused. At The Royal Bank of Scotland he was a Customer Advisor, a customer facing role that involved helping customers with all their financial needs, providing solutions and ensuring they became advocates of the bank. Prior to this, Nick has worked with adults with learning difficulties, providing care and support during their everyday lives. 
A Chemistry graduate from Cardiff University, Nick brings a methodical, precise and analytical approach to Footdown.