Andrew Mercer Chairman 

Andrew is the founder and Chairman of Footdown . Andrew qualified as a chartered accountant in 1978 but quickly moved to the more exiting world of software sales. After achieving top UK and then top world sales position for Comshare, Andrew formed his own software development company, One Meaning, in 1988. 
One Meaning developed data driven content mapping tools for meta-model transformation and data warehouse population. After raising substantial US venture capital Andrew took One Meaning to California where he subsequently sold the company to Oracle Corporation. 
On returning to the UK Andrew founded Footdown, leveraging his values, insights and passions. In particular his: 
Belief in the power of teams to achieve much more than individuals working independently 
Recognition that the best people in an organisation are always volunteers and should be valued and treated accordingly 
Determination to apply the best in class thinking to all aspects of leadership and organisational behaviour 
In 2004 he founded the renewable energy company 2OC and created a joint venture with National Grid to build renewable generation units. Recently, Andrew has founded Carbon-12, providing low impact data centre solutions in an industry where power consumption and waste heat byproduct are rapidly becoming environmental issues. 
Andrew has been a successful competitive dingy sailor for many years. 
The principal of developing performance culture and high performing teams has always been at the core of his businesses. 
*For a more in depth profile of Andrew and the genesis of Footdown, see the Insights article