Alan Gater, iFootdown Product Manager

 Alan Gater Head of Product Development 

Alan is an IT professional from the days of bits and bytes. After ten years as a technician, learning the essential differences between application development and software engineering. Alan joined the fledgling Oracle Corporation when they first opened their UK office. At Oracle Alan worked in their consultancy team for three years before taking on management of the QA department. After gaining ISO 9000 certification for the services team, Alan moved on to head up the CASE (Computer Aided Software Development) tools group creating the successful family of Oracle CASE tools, generating fully functional software applications from pictures. It was during this period that Alan met and collaborated with Andrew Mercer for the first time. 
After leaving Oracle Corporation Alan joined Andrew's team at One Meaning to develop the delivery service and support functions within the company. Since One Meaning, Alan has worked as a private consultant on a large number of major developments before reconnecting with Andrew. Alan then joined Footdown in August 2015 to lead the development of the F1.1 tool suite.