Adam Tuffnell, Consultant

Adam Tuffnell Consultant 

Adam is a Consultant at Footdown. Few people will face life threatening multiple disasters in their lifetime. Fewer still have the expertise to dissect those disasters in order to understand how their leadership contributed to survival. As a professional round the world yachtsman and with his background in psychology, Adam is able to deliver just this. 
Throughout his 20-year sailing career, Adam has sailed in some of the most hostile environments on the planet, ranging from the freezing wilderness of the Southern Ocean through to the debilitating humidity of the tropics. 
He is one of a select group of sailors who have circumnavigated the world against prevailing winds and currents, a feat which until recently was considered impossible. He has faced hurricanes, collisions, flooding and the emergency medical evacuation of a crew-mate. Adam has also built a successful sailing school and trained future Round-the-World racing crews from zero-experience to a state of ocean-going readiness. 
As a graduate in Psychology and Philosophy and an accomplished sailor, Adam has unique insight into the practical applications of effective leadership and team development within the challenging environments of open-water and the corporate office. 
Adam works internationally with teams and leaders assisting them to recognise, realise and redefine their potential, both in terms of ongoing coaching and workshop interventions. Adam draws on a number of different platforms (both shore and water based) and tools to support the delivery and development of clients. His client base is cross-sector and both public and private. From health to military; from telecommunication to legal and financial.