How We Create The High Performance Workplace 

High Performance Workplace
Which question resonates most strongly with you? 
"Nearly 4 out of 5 HR managers reported developing appropriate leadership style as their organisations’ key people challenge. Overall, one quarter of HR managers (rising to one-third in the public sector) do not think that their organisation has the leadership and management capability to deliver its strategic objectives" 
Cartoon people symbolising corporate culture
Cartoon men symbolising the whole organisation
Cartoon man with cog wheels for brain thinkling about strategy
Does the culture we’ve created help us excel in our ambitions? 
Is the whole organisation engaged & contributing? 
Do we reflect on our performance, identify threats, and seize opportunities? 
Here's what we think: 
We think the answers to all three questions are critical indicators which distinguish successful organisations from the rest. 
So what we do is assess how well your organisation is delivering in these three areas. 

Footdown's F1.1 

Our unique diagnostic tool, F1.1, rapidly surfaces opportunities for improvement, to give you a faster, more cost effective assessment of your current performance. 

High Impact Solutions 

Having identified the issues, we provide high impact solutions that quickly transform your organisation into a High Performance Workplace. 
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"The Leading Change programme was a powerful and practical approach to managing change. Footdown found the right blend of engagement and challenge, and the approach and shared language has become fully integrated in how we make decisions, prioritise and lead through change, tangibly improving our performance and helping us grow." 
Mohammed Saeed 
Global HR Director, Mission Foods