High Impact Solutions 

High Impact Solutions
Effective Change can not take place without Effective Leadership 
"This year leaders recognise managing change as their top leadership challenge. This is true across industrial sectors with between one-third and one half of managers in each sector regarding it as a challenge." 
Our effective and pragmatic solutions address your ‘business critical’ issues 
We advise on priorities, implementation and sequencing 
We tailor our programmes to help you create a High Performing Team and thus a High Performance Workplace 

 Facilitate powerful conversations 

 Lead Change   

 Translate your vision into reality  

 Build a performance culture 

 Align your people around a purpose & direction 

 Business coaching & mentoring  

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"F1.1 allowed the team to quickly identify the most important things we needed to focus on and prepare for. The process created an environment where my whole team became more dynamic and engaged in the purpose of Scottish rugby." 
Andy Robinson 
Head Coach, Scotland, 2009-2012