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 The most simple and effective way to access organisational intelligence   

“Hydro International is a fast-changing company, the Footdown diagnostic approach provides a regular opportunity to measure our capability against our strategy and adjust accordingly” 
Mike Jennings - CEO Hydro International  
The F1.1 administration system lets you select or create your survey, choose your participants and start collecting vital insights from all parts of the organisation and/or stakeholders in minutes. There is no more effective way to build up your database of organisational intelligence. 

Upload Candidates 

Upload participant profiles from your HR system, client list or other register, assign relevant demographic tags and create the perfect response team using the sophisticated selection suite. All respondents are guaranteed anonymity and no analysis sub-set is able to be viewed below a minimum number of responses. 

Schedule Events 

Select the appropriate expert Scan from the suite library or create your own bespoke survey. The simple calendar interface scheduler lets you pick an appropriate period to run the survey. You can run single survey events, multiple scan events or overlapping events without complicating the participant experience. 

Manage Communications 

Communication with participants is fully handled by the system, notification, password allocation and replacement and periodic reminders can all be left under the management of the system. However, you can update or replace templates and also initiate ad-hoc communications - for example, to feedback the valuable insights gained to stakeholders. 

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