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 Footdown's F1.1 dashboard puts all the information under your control   

“This is so good I am tempted to give a bad reference, just so that the commercial edge it has given my team is protected!" 
Piers Clark - Commercial Director, Thames Water 

Surveyed out? 

Footdown's F1.1 dashboard lets you view results in real-time, segmented into structures which parallel those within your organisation. Compare regions or departments against each other, today's findings with last year's: you own the data, all the data and it's all available, all the time. No more mountains of unrelated survey results to correlate and analyse. 
Screenshot ofthe F1.1 Dashboard
Save your session, save your selections for re-use or re-application to other data-sets in the repository, pass them to the reporting module for hard copy of basic results or full expert diagnostic.  

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