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  Meet Stuart Cullen Bristol Fifteen Member   

Posted on December 6, 2012. 
A member of the Bristol Fifteen, Stuart Cullen is Managing Director of storage and bulk cargo handling company Solent Stevedore. 
“My membership of the Bristol Footdown Fifteen, led by Anne Summers, has benefited me in every aspect of my life, not just commercially. Through exposure to the variety of business leaders in the group and the regular and inspiring speakers, I have undergone a journey of personal development. 
The Footdown environment has enabled me to understand why I’m doing what I do – not just in terms of what I get out of my business, but also how that is affecting and benefiting my family and friends. I feel I am a much more rounded person, and therefore a much more rounded and productive manager at work. 
One of my defining moments was when Footdown speaker Nigel Risner asked me would I rather be right or be happy? Looking at life like that made me much more self-aware and pragmatic – I now know when to rise to the challenge and when to admit defeat. 
I’m also far less self critical than before I joined Footdown. Anyone who starts their own business is by default extraordinarily hard on themselves and has incredibly high expectations of what they can achieve – it’s the nature of the beast. However, I’ve now realised that by putting too much pressure on myself I was setting myself up to fail. Acknowledging this has been a big step in my personal development, leaving me ambitious but also realistic.” Stuart Cullen 
Joining Footdown 
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