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  How Footdown helped Nine Feet Tall   

Posted on December 6, 2012. 
Footdown recently facilitated a Coaching Champions workshop for Nine Feet Tall. Esther McMorris a member of the Bath Fifteen and founder of Nine Feet Tall found the workshop helpful and challenging for the organisation. 
“We dragged all our Nine Feet Tall consultants away from client projects for a two day Masterclass in Coaching, which for us is a big investment to make. The impact has been phenomenal both within our team and with our clients. It has enabled us to have difficult conversations, provide better feedback and improve individual and team performance. The session was very skilfully facilitated by Sam and Mike, high paced, practical, challenging and pitched at the right level. A real breakthrough!” 
Esther McMorris – Nine Feet Tall 
Esther McMorris