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  iFootdown® Workshop with MBA Polymers   

Mike Carter 
Last week we continued our work with MBA Polymers and their new CEO Nigel Hunton, Bath Fifteen member. Nigel is using the iFootdown® method and approach to help build a new team, gain alignment around the vision and values and identify and work on the key priorities. 
Article by Head of Consulting, Dr Mike Carter. 
MBA Polymers own a licence for Footdown's F1.1 diagnostic tool which provides the MBA management team with a structured process to identify, and work on, the key organisational issues that will have the biggest impact on the company. 
iFootdown® Workshop 
James Clark and I went to MBA Polymers in Austria to facilitate and get the team started with their first F1.1 team workshop. 
The workshop was run in both German and English. James is fluent in German and despite the very good language skills of the participants his ability to clarify and add nuance to the meanings, combined with the dual language cards we developed, used with the iFootdown® product, enabled the team to drill down into the finer details and made the whole process flow much better. 
This was the first occasion that this team had used Footdown's F1.1 and the power of the tool shone through. The feedback from the team was very positive; they enjoyed and appreciated the experience and the learning it gave them in such a short space of time. 
Lead and Develop Organisations 
In 2000 Footdown Founder Andrew Mercer set out on his journey to find a “manual” on how to lead and develop organisations. This led to what is now known as Footdown's F1.1 and provides support to business leaders across the UK and beyond. 
Footdown's F1.1 
It’s the only leadership product that seeks to consolidate into a single template the best theoretical and practical advice available for leaders today. It is a comprehensive framework and set of tools that allows leaders of all types of organisations to work smarter by taking the guesswork out of identifying priorities for leadership action. It then provides rigorous and continuing support for tackling the problems that surface as a result. It also increases the value of individual coaching by providing a context within which to coach, ensuring that individuals’ objectives align with the goals of the organisation. 
What’s Next 
I am really looking forward to the next stage of the process. I will be going out to MBA Polymers in China to start the F1.1 process there, while Vikram and James will be joining the Austria team in early June to continue the work with the key tasks identified during the initial iFootdown® workshop. As well as 1-to-1 coaching we will also be running colour profiling sessions with the team using Insights Discovery Personal Profiling, which help leaders to develop their self-awareness as a leader, allowing them to maximize their strengths and identify areas of challenge.