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  How We Used Footdown's F1.1 in 2OC   

Andrew Mercer is the CEO of 2oC 
I was tempted to describe my own experiences of using iFootdown® as a leadership tool, first within Blue-NG and now at 2OC, but thought that it would be so much more informative to hear it from one of my team, David Chamberlain. David was seconded to Blue-NG from National Grid in 2007 and has been an influential and valuable member of the Blue-NG team ever since. Andrew Mercer 
How we implemented Footdown's F1.1 in Blue-NG by David Chamberlain 
We have used both Executive Insight and Personal Insight on a regular basis during the last 3 years. 
Executive Insight is how we run our business – it is part of the normal process not an exceptional event used when something goes wrong. 
We ran Executive Insight sessions twice a year at 6 monthly intervals; 
We usually ran the sessions with the Executive Committee, the small team responsible for running the business day to day 
We used it simply, yet effectively, to identify key issues and common themes affecting the performance of our business; 
The results allowed us to uncover underlying, unspoken, issues that were hampering the achievement of our objective; 
Using Executive Insight provided a framework to target management effort to increase performance and to keep the business on course; 
The Executive Insight process prevented the build up of common frustrations, providing a controlled mechanism for their release; 
Each session was facilitated by Footdown and produced a final action plan, with clearly defined actions allocated to key individuals for them to progress over a defined time period. Fortnightly thereafter, those individuals gave the team progress updates. This enabled everyone to see that the issues raised in the Executive Insight sessions were being taken seriously and were not being ignored or being paid lip service; 
Personal Insight is how we manage ourselves 
Individuals have a a hierarchy of needs similar to those of a business, or any other type of organisation. Blue-NG’s aim was to ensure that we had the right people being the best they could be. To facilitate this, each member of the team, as part of an ongoing commitment to personal development: 
Was encouraged to discover and share his or her personal contract with the rest of the team. Whilst, it was a difficult process for some to be so open with “work” colleagues, it helped the team understand what it needed to do to help ensure that person was always in their best space; 
Completed a profile to help them better understand their personality traits and how these may help or hinder their performance at home and at work. Sharing these profiles was encouraged to help improve the quality of the dialogue in the organisation between individuals and to assist in pursuing a collaborative rather than combative style of engagement; 
Was encouraged to set a series of challenging goals for themselves and their family, in addition to their work objectives and to report progress on these during the course of the year. The company provided support and assistance to the individual to help them achieve their goals across all three areas – quite simply if things are going well for them personally and at home it is easier for them to perform exceptionally at work. Ultimately, we all benefit; 
Finally, underpinning all of this is a set of values shared by everyone involved. These are values that each person in the organisation demonstrates in the way they go about their work/life. These are not aspirational words or expressions. It is important that all “walk the talk” and are genuine with it. There is no room for fickle behaviour, if this is to be done properly.