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 Footdown’s London 15 At Canary Wharf   

From the 39th floor of One Canada Square at Canary Wharf you can see for miles, even if the October cloud is trying to interrupt the view. The London 15 leadership group was fortunate enough to be invited by the Canary Wharf Group to host their monthly meeting in this auspicious building. In addition to the view, we were also left suitably impressed by the fantastic images and 3D models of the development at the wharf. Not only could we see what the site looked like before the first digger was engaged, but the large models showed all developments currently completed and those which will be constructed in the coming years. With cross-sections, horizontal ‘sliced through’ models and details of underground retail, new homes, schools and energy efficient projects, it was an insight in to an astounding, on-going achievement. 
The London 15 is one of a series of Footdown groups established for leaders across a wide array of industries and sectors. It is an environment where senior people can come together to challenge themselves as leaders, to learn, to continue to grow and to be accountable for their journey of on-going development. Speakers are invited and peer-to-peer discussion is an incredibly important part of the learning process. The maximum size of any group is fifteen in order to ensure the trust and intimacy required for a truly authentic experience.Matt Maer, Director of Group Security and Resilience for the Canary Wharf Group, was our host and despite the phenomenal view and the brilliant models and images, Matt was the highlight. He kindly shared his story with the group, from his time in the military to his current role. With such a wealth of experience, much of which many of us ‘civvies’ have difficulty really comprehending, Matt shared his key mantra’s which he has learned and implemented over his time in leadership. Not surprisingly these gems were relevant to everyone in the group and add to our continuing journey to be great leaders. It was a privilege for the London 15 to spend their time as guest of the Canary Wharf Group and to learn so much.