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 Footdown's F1.1 helping to build a new team  

Last week Footdown had the opportunity and privilege of working with MBA Polymers and their new CEO Nigel Hunton, Bath fifteen member, for a whole week. Nigel is using Footdown's F1.1 method and approach to help build a new team, gain alignment around the vision and values and identify and work on the key priorities. 
“I think for any leader there is the need to invest time in working on the business and not always in it! My time with like-minded CEOs and leaders in the Bath Footdown group has frequently provided challenge and inspiration for me. Footdown's F1.1 has been an extension of this support and allowed me to really engage and empower my team” Nigel Hunton 
Footdown's F1.1 provides a rapid and enduring means of engaging leadership teams in the challenge of understanding where they are, where they need to be and how to get there in the most effective way. iFootdown® is a catalyst that challenges and inspires teams to think creatively and stimulates effective decision-making. 
To find out more about Footdown's F1.1 and how it can help you lead your business please contact us.