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 Performance Culture 

Fewer than 10% of organisations* actually succeed in building a performance culture, and even the ones that do may find it hard to maintain. 
Culture is at the heart of what enables a company to create sustainable success. These unwritten rules determine how things are done, how people behave and what is valued in order to create that success. 
Culture can be defined in many ways; as the learned assumptions on which people base their daily behaviour, or “the way we do things around here.” Culture drives the organisation, its actions and results. It guides how employees think, act and feel. 
Organisations, especially those in competition, may have similar strategies – route to market, niche approach, value-based positioning, partnering, etc. However their culture is the one thing that can set a company apart, and that others cannot copy. As Peter Drucker has said “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. 
What is high performance culture? 
A high performance culture creates an environment with a unique personality, distinct soul, and with a passion for performance—so that people make the right decisions and do the right thing regardless of role. The culture of the organisation produces a discretionary effect, and staff members execute positive behaviours for the greater good, even when nobody is watching. 
High performance cultures are all unique – a potent combination of values, character, rituals and beliefs created by the current leaders, while referencing the heritage of the organisation. They are all centred round a core set of values and behaviours. These values allow people to care passionately about their performance, and about ‘winning’. They encourage people to be leaders, build teamwork and be adaptive. 
Creating and maintaining a performance culture is challenging, but it can be done. Footdown uses it’s unique F/1.1 diagnostic tool to provide a rapid assessment of current culture, enabling leaders and other staff members to reveal the latent opportunities that may impact on creating and sustaining a performance culture . Footdown then helps define a set of priority actions required to realise the organisation’s ambitions. 
Of course, once achieved the high performance derived from a performance culture cannot be taken for granted. Footdown's F/1.1 HPW diagnostic suite helps to plan it, monitor and manage it so that it remains aligned with internal ambitions and the outside world. 
It’s worth it – a high performance culture result in 6 times** better results! 
To learn more about how you can build and maintain performance culture in your workplace, contact us to arrange an initial phone call discussion to assess your requirements. 
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