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 Findings From Our Legal Industry Roundtable   

In a highly competitive industry like the legal sector, one small advantage can make all the difference. For an average firm, its main asset is its people which is why company culture, organisational health and employee engagement are such important pillars for success. 
How to strengthen these pillars was discussed at our roundtable with our partner Signium. We invited some of the UK’s top law firms to discover how to identify and address organisational issues quickly, accurately and cost-effectively. The end goal being an effective employee engagement strategy that increases efficiency, productivity and revenue. 
Among our guests were representatives from Logicor, CMS, DGMT, Eversheds, EY, LHS, NRF, Addleshaw Goddard, Pinsent Masons, Olswang, Shearman & Stirling, Bird & Bird, CGA Experience.  
With the help of our unique tool F1.1, our innovative solution quickly cut through the complexity (all it took was 3 minutes) so they could better comprehend the current health of their organisations, teams and business performance. 
The key findings were: 
- Law firms should encourage innovation and creativity to help employees manage the inherent challenges and anxiety that come with the job 
- Motivating employees to support the firm in its goals helps shape and deliver business outcomes 
- Try to prevent employees developing lone wolf behaviour where the individual puts themself above the team 
- Too much hierarchy creates an aggressively competitive environment and leads to transactional/fire-fighting styles of leadership. Staff can perceive a firm as going nowhere and become anxious about their future. Large gaps between leaders and wider teams lead development initiatives to fail 
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