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 For sports professionals looking to drive peak performance...  

Footdown has a wealth of experience working with sports organisations, see some of our work here
Footdown is an Leadership and Management Consultancy specialising in developing performance culture and team engagement. Our revolutionary F1.1 diagnostic tool can get you there faster and more cost effectively. 
Footdown has a wealth of experience working with sports organisations, see some of our work here. 
Footdown has developed a version of Footdown's F1.1 Diagnostic specifically for leaders of sports organisations. 
Working with sports organisations such as County Cricket Clubs, Bristol Rugby and Badminton England, Footdown has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience. F1.1 has clues and analysis specifically for the sporting world. 
Footdown has a group of consultants who are passionate about sport and can help create a High Performance environment at your organisation. 
"Footdown's F1.1 allowed the team to quickly identify the most important things we needed to focus on and prepare for. The process created an environment where my whole team became more dynamic and engaged in the purpose of Scottish rugby." 

Andy Robinson, Head Coach, Scotland (2009-2012)  

"Footdown's F1.1 has been invaluable in enabling staff to understand each other's needs, business practices and the best way in which to communicate with each other." 

Will Brown, CEO, Gloucestershire County Cricket Club  

"Our ongoing Footdown process is producing the goods! Attitudes have changed, people are making stuff happen, timescales are being met, the guys feel good and we are winning on the pitch.” 

John Harrison, Team Manager, Bristol Rugby  

"Will engaged skilfully with the whole audience to make the session impactful, interactive and relevant to everyone in the room. I would recommend others in coaching and high performance circles – whether it be in sport or business – to spend time with him and to hear more about Footdown's work.” 

Kevin Bowring, Head of Professional Coach Developemnt, RFU