Footdown Fifteens 

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 For leaders looking to drive peak performance... 

Footdown has established and run leadership and mentoring groups all over the UK since 2003. These groups are specifically for senior leaders and are known as the Footdown Fifteen Groups. 
The meetings are largely driven by the groups themselves, following a format where any member can raise a key issue they wish to discuss with the group
Throughout the year, meetings regularly include a guest speaker, which provides rich insights and innovative thinking to stimulate and inform group discussions.  
Footdown has a family of internationally renowned speakers who have a remit to inspire and enlighten group members. Working interactively, Footdown speakers provide practical, innovative and challenging insights to help members become High Performing Leaders and for their organisations to become High Performance Workplaces. 
“The Footdown 15 group gives me the opportunity to calmly reflect on my priorities and methods” 
Nigel Hunton – Chief Executive 
“Being part of a 15 gives you the space and time to consult and share real issues, to troubleshoot and generate alternative ways of working to maximise the opportunities to the full.” 
Ann Lee - Director 
Footdown Fifteens are secure environments that help you become a High Performing Leader. They give you the value of a non-executive Board without the constraints of being formally accountable to them. 
As a senior leader, being a Footdown Fifteen member provides all the tools, development support and awareness you need to get closer to achieving your business and personal goals. 
Each Footdown Fifteen group has a Leader who facilitates monthly leadership and mentoring meetings and delivers one-to-one coaching for each group member. 
The blend between peer group activity and one-to-one coaching is the fundamental framework that underpins the membership. 
Bath Fifteen
“Footdown is for people who are inspired to be the best leaders they can be and who acknowledge that what they are currently doing is probably not 
enough. Joining Footdown Fifteens with its unique blend of group mentoring, coaching and leadership best practice framework, will guarantee that you get there...and fast. 
Footdown was originally the accelerator company, which was born out of Andrew Mercer’s desire to help leaders speed up and get to their destination faster. 
Andrew, like many other CEOs, entrepreneurs and business leaders, found that at times he really needed access to critical information, to be inspired when times were tough and provide a relief from the isolation that can inevitably occur from time to time in senior leadership positions. 
"Footdown Fifteens provide a fantastic opportunity for leaders to share and support each other. Now more than ever during the challenges of the current economic situation, we know leaders often feel isolated and need the support and expertise of other people they can trust, always detached, non-judgmental and able to offer unbiased, objective advice. 
Only two things ever happen at a group meeting. Either we introduce members to an inspirational, challenging and relevant speaker or we have what we call an executive session, where we work on the most significant issues/challenges for members. You need to know that this is not for the feint hearted. Members need to be in a position to share and contribute their experiences and ideas with others, and to be held to account for the things they say they will do." 
Mike Roe, CEO and Bath Fifteen leader