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“This is so good I am tempted to give a bad reference, just so that the commercial edge it has given my team is protected! 
Most people know what things they are good at, and what things they are less good at. How many people can honestly say the same about their colleagues? This is exactly where the Insights Discovery Colours provides a mind-blowing benefit. It totally changes how your team will operate. 
Never before have I experienced a methodology that, in the space of a few short hours, can so radically improve and enhance the way a team work together and interact. 
Payback on the Footdown training is in the matter of weeks. It revolutionises how people behave, not just in the office but also at home.” 
Piers Clark 
Commercial Director, Thames Water 
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 Footdown’s long-standing partnership with Thames Water 


An ongoing partnership, Footdown first worked with Thames Water in 2012 when Piers Clark was appointed head of a new Commercial Department where he brought together 11 senior managers and 120 other staff. Footdown were asked to help develop performance culture and team ethic within this new department in order for them to meet pressing targets quickly. 

Developing Performance Culture with Thames Water 

Initially, in order to increase self-awareness as well as awareness of others, Footdown used the Insights Discovery colour-profiling tool in a workshop with the new department’s senior leadership team. The team used these profiles to: 
Improve their productivity in meetings and, 
Improve the way in which team members communicated. 
Feedback from the workshops was excellent, and Footdown have since run workshops for all members of the Commercial department, becoming Thames Water’s preferred provider of the profiling tool. The tool is employed whenever there are any significant structural changes or new starters within the organisation. 
Following a successful programme with the department’s senior management team Footdown extended their work to include the whole Commercial department. This quickly helped the team establish an initial bond. 
The profiles were combined with an iterative long-term project using the ‘iFootdown’ diagnostic that would ensure employee engagement, a distinctive performance culture and drive results. 

Use of the ‘iFootdown’ Diagnostic 

Subsequent to the successful profiling work, Footdown invited all members of the extended leadership team at Thames Water to complete Footdown's F1.1 HPW Diagnostic suite – a 10 minute online questionnaire based on Footdown’s High Performance Workplace model (’HPW’) which positioned the company in relation to its Culture, Performance and Engagement. 
Following the roll out of the diagnostic, Footdown ran ‘HPW’ workshops with two teams in Thames Water, the first being the Senior Executive led by Martin Baggs. The team was able to understand the specific culture in the departmental leadership teams, set the desired future culture, and define the changes needed to build cultural alignment across the business. Based on the findings, Footdown then set out a nine-event Culture Change programme which informed the strategic framework of Thames Water and included several tailored high-impact solutions to accelerate success. 
The Retail Team were the second group to participate in an ‘HPW’ workshop. Based on the results produced by the diagnostic, their workshop focused on three critical areas – the organisation, coaching and performance culture. This was to help the UK-wide sales force feel less isolated from the rest of the organisation. Footdown subsequently ran 1-1 coaching sessions and team building days to ensure the retail team was sufficiently aligned with the rest of the organisation. 


The work that Footdown carried out has had a lasting effect on the company, even contributing to their office design with a new wall of colours that displays the company’s workforce in relation to where they sit on the profile model (see picture below) 
The personality profile wall at Thames Water
The engaging, high paced, fun workshop and the common language of colours engaged members of the Commercial department and has become a really strong part of the culture, leading to increased teamwork, improved communication and the bedrock of a strong performance culture. 
Footdown's F1.1 HPW Diagnostic suite helped reveal latent potential and some areas in need of improvement within the business. The diagnostic allowed Footdown to contextualise the nine-step programme so that it was tightly focused and highly relevant to the issues within Thames Water.