“This was a safe learning environment which enabled positive and outspoken thought to be aired. I have had feedback I have never had before and I can see that it is accurate.” 
“An exceptionally helpful session identifying some really key parts in developing strategy within our team.” 
“Really liked the fluid approach and we achieved what I originally asked for – vision – common purpose ‘what is Protecting vulnerable people ‘- real start to our plan going forward. Team building also moved on in leaps and bounds.” 
“Interesting and thought provoking. Navigated us through some difficult areas e.g leadership. Good to make us think about ourselves in a structured way.” 
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 Creating a shared vision and culture for Thames Valley Police 


During 2011 Thames Valley Police re-organised creating a new force-wide Protecting Vulnerable People Unit and in November of that year appointed a Detective Superintendent as head of the Unit. Prior to this re-organisation some functions, now the responsibility of the Protecting Vulnerable People Unit e.g Investigating Child Abuse and Managing Dangerous Offenders were managed separately and at different locations throughout the force area. This re-organisation also took place at times of arguably unprecedented operational, political and certainly financial challenge. 
The new head of this Unit commissioned Footdown to work with her and her new ‘top team’ in order to: 
Create a shared and compelling vision for the unit 
Consider and agree a course of action aimed at developing a culture within the unit which is aligned to its core purpose, values and vision 
Consider and agree a set of critical priorities for the unit’s development 
Develop a greater sense of trust towards one another, a sense of coming together as a team and agreement upon a style of leadership which is both aligned to the unit’s core values and the best way of enhancing the unit’s performance. 

How Footdown Helped Create A Shared Vision 

Footdown delivered an intensive workshop using Footdown's F1.1 HPW Diagnostic suite to inform discussions, and so support Thames Valley Police in creating a shared vision and agreeing a set of critical priorities for the unit’s development. Footdown facilitated the workshop and guided the team through the process, leaving the team able to determine its outcomes and take all the decisions. 
Through an interactive approach to self-diagnosis and targeted coaching, in combination with the Organisational Insight model option in the F1.1 diagnostic, Footdown: 
Took the guesswork out of identifying priorities for leadership action, & 
Provided rigorous & continuous support in tackling the problems that surfaced. 
The process enabled a rapid means of engaging the leadership team in the challenge of understanding where they were, where they need to be and how to get there in the most effective way. 


The team confirmed the process resulted in a greater sense of trust towards team colleagues, agreement on the style of leadership required and the course of action needed to develop the appropriate culture within the new unit.