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“At Price Bailey, we have some ambitious plans for the future. Footdown work in partnership with us, and have helped us both inspire and align our people to these plans. They have also helped us develop our leaders of the future. We have used Footdown's F1.1 HPW diagnostic suite on a number of occasions; it always generates the right conversations and ensures that we focus on the right priorities.” 
Martin Clapson, Managing Director 
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 Supporting a new board to ensure sustained performance within Price Bailey 


Price Bailey is a leading firm of chartered accountants and business advisers with seven offices in south east England and Guernsey serving local SMEs, private clients and regional, national and international businesses. Price Bailey offers consultancy and planning skills in addition to traditional accounting, tax and financial services. 
In 2014, Footdown was brought in to help Price Bailey with two specific needs: 
The alignment of the newly appointed Board around a 5 year strategy and accompanying values. 
The engagement of high potential, middle-management leaders in the strategic direction of the organisation. 

How Footdown Helped Create A Shared Vision 

The Board first completed the Insights Discovery workshop. This tool effectively gives participants a common language and framework to enable greater understanding of their personal and professional environments as well as their tendencies, permitting more effective conversations around their differences. 
Next, in order to provide focus and a ‘baseline’ to the strategic planning process, Footdown ran its flagship High Performance Workplace (HPW) workshop. Using Footdown's F1.1 HPW Diagnostic suite (a 10 minute online questionnaire) in combination with Footdown’s HPW model, Footdown helped the newly appointed Board to position the company in relation to its Culture, Performance and Engagement. These three clear and powerful models informed and prompted some important areas of discussion in relation to latent strengths that could be leveraged and challenges that needed addressing. 
Culture Chart
Engagement Chart
Performance Chert


The outcomes of this workshop were essential in helping to produce the 5 year plan. 
Footdown also designed and delivered a Leadership Academy for high potential leaders within the organisation. This is a modular programme designed to develop the skills and mind-sets of such leaders and support them in taking on a more strategic role. The Leadership Academy was explicitly linked with Footdown’s work with the Board and the outcomes of that workshop, so the participants were able to apply their learning to current issues in the organisation. 
The Board is working more effectively as a team, with a clearer vision of the current state of the organisation, and has finalised its 5 year plan. 
The first cohort have gone through the Leadership Academy, seen as essential in supporting the Board with the implementation of the organisation’s strategic objectives