Nottinghamshire CCC
Trent Bridge Cricket groiund

 Helping Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club improve on its high performance levels 

 Footdown's F1.1 

Footdown is a Bath based consultancy company with a unique Organisational Intelligence platform. iFootdown is an on-line survey tool that assists change management and organisational performance, it provides leaders with strategic intervention planning. 
Having recently invested in a new ground, Footdown were asked to help Nottinghamshire Country Cricket Club in their aim to be the most successful cricket club in the country. The club sought to build on their success and to stay ahead of the chasing pack with simple and accurate workplace analysis from iFootdown. 

How Footdown's F1.1 revealed latent potential 

The online survey and diagnostic tool, F1.1, appliying the High Performance Workplace suite, accurately mapped the status of internal perceptions against three powerful lenses – Culture, Engagement and Performance. 
In combination, these three lenses allowed NCCC to quickly identify blind spots within the organisation that needed addressing. The High Performance Workplace workshop revealed some important truths about the way in which the club, although extremely successful, was operating. The senior leadership at NCCC could then tackle these issues head on with strategic interventions before they became more widespread. 
The results from Footdown's F1.1 diagnostic lead to the introduction of a management development programme and the establishment of an internal NCCC “Leadership Academy”. These strategic interventions have enabled NCCC to stay on course in its aim to be the most successful county in the country. 

Maintaining peak performance 

NCCC sought to cement their reputation as one of the best cricket clubs in England and to build on their previous success. For this reason, maintaining and improving their peak performance was crucial to the long-term vision. This required a re-think by the senior team on how best to operate. 
Footdown's F1.1 and its diagnostic have allowed NCCC to both quickly determine crucial issues and define next steps to drive performance, and to take them from a very good team, to a great one.