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Luxoft use iFootdown's F1.1 HPW diagnostic suite (a 10 minute online questionnaire) in combination with Footdown’s High Performance Workplace model (’HPW’) to build a sustainable, aligned culture across the entire 7700 employee global organisation 
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 Helping Luxoft with their Global Upgrade Programme  


In early 2014 Luxoft, a leading provider of software development services employing over 7700 people worldwide, embarked on a Global Upgrade Programme. The programme was seen as an essential step in the growth of the organisation and looked to cover five main areas, of which company culture was one. Luxoft asked Footdown to assist with the culture aspect of this programme. 
To ensure continued high performance Luxoft had recognised it was critical for a company that has expanded so rapidly, with offices spread widely across the globe, to build a sustainable, aligned culture across the entire organisation. Prior to Footdown’s participation some work had been done on the company vision and values. 
Footdown looked to support the Luxoft leadership in gaining alignment on the current culture, and then on a clear impression of the desired culture which would allow corporate goals to be achieved, and thereafter the leadership steps required in order to move the culture to the desired state. 

How Footdown helped align culture 

Using Footdown's F1.1 HPW Diagnostic suite (a 10 minute online questionnaire) in combination with Footdown’s High Performance Workplace model (’HPW’), Footdown assessed the Global Leadership Team’s (approximately 50 managers) perception of Luxoft’s status. 
The results were used as the basis for a facilitated workshop with the team, during which consensus was gained on the required vision. 
Time was allowed to celebrate the strong culture that Luxoft currently have, as well as the superb growth and performance figures to date and engagement of the staff members. However, a warning was provided to the leaders to ensure that the culture is adaptive enough to support sustainable success in years to come. 
For a company that has been so successful and achieved such impressive results in a short space of time, the Footdown online diagnostic quickly confirmed that Luxoft’s culture is predominantly focused in the “Results” domain. This had provided the focus and impetus for the rapid rise to date, however it brought with it some challenges. 
To address these it was concluded that, while the organisation wanted to maintain its ‘anchor’ in results, the challenge during the next five years of growth would be to maintain the organisation’s balance through development of the collaborative and innovative domains. 


As previously stated, the proposed focus was around the leadership balancing the collaborative and innovative culture while keeping the best aspects of Luxoft’s current results-based culture. 
During the workshop, and the preceding presentation with the senior leadership team, forthright and robust conversations revealed a willingness to challenge in-the-moment, listen and speak their mind. Footdown were able to build on the work already completed to help shape new organisational values which will assist the collaboration process. Using these, Footdown was able to propose a number of targeted programmes, including a Leadership Programme and further values work, in support of the culture element of the Global Upgrade. 
To achieve the organisation’s ambitious targets, the Luxoft leadership now have to do everything they can to constantly define and embed the organisational values which are in line with the desired Performance Culture of the organisation.