“CEO Mike Roe and the Footdown team have supported us from day one in the development of our organisational culture. The workshops held in 2015 had clarity, purpose and were led with passion, enthusiasm and commitment to our cause. The use of Foordown's F1.1 diagnostic on both occasions allowed me to instantly put my finger on the pulse of the club, and secondly helped me to track the progress of the organisation so I can lead the team to sustainable success, both on and off the pitch. This process has been supplemented with further support behind the scenes from Footdown on a regular basis with myself, my Senior Leadership Team and the coaching team led by Andrew McDonald. With Footdown’s assistance, we move ahead fully aligned, continuing to strive to exceed our performance and business targets." 

Wasim Khan, Chief Executive, Leicestershire County Cricket Club 

Leicestershire Cricket Ground

 Helping a newly appointed CEO maintain peak performance 

Footdown's F1.1 

Footdown is a Bath based consultancy company with a unique Organisational Intelligence platform. Footdown's F1.1 is an online survey tool that assists change management and organisational performance, it provides leaders with strategic intervention planning. 
In January 2015, the newly appointed CEO of Leicestershire County Cricket Club (LCCC), Wasim Khan, engaged with Footdown to help him bring about fundamental organisational change to ensure the long-term success of the club as a High Performance Workplace. 
Footdown’s aim was to help align the club’s culture by building a collaborative environment. 

Simple and accurate survey analysis 

At the outset of the process, Footdown's F1.1 was deployed quickly mapping LCCC’s Culture, Performance and Engagement across three clear and impactful lenses (below). A series of workshops were then delivered, focusing on personal and cultural awareness, team development and organisational development. 
The structured survey data from iFootdown provided LCCC with a process to quickly identify and define the key organisational issues. It allowed Wasim to prioritise the issues that would be the biggest obstruction to creating an appropriate performance culture. 
An Insights Discovery workshop provided colleagues at LCCC with an insight into their behaviours and preferences. During the workshop a simple but effective common language was adopted by the team. This will be used in the culture change process to embed behavioural change within the club. 
A final workshop focused on maintaining peak performance and reinforcing Wasim’s vision and the club’s values. This laid down the foundations and provided a framework to encourage behaviours that will support the achievement of the club’s goals and vision. 
The workshops revealed a passionate and proud team with an appetite for change. The iFootdown results provided a mechanism for this change and a platform for the club to springboard towards success. The workshop programme helped reinforce strong working practices between colleagues and align LCCC’s culture. 
Strategic interventions 
Immediately after the workshops LCCC put into play the interventions necessary to achieve change and realise the club’s ambitious aim of being the ‘leading non-test playing club in the country by 2020.’ 
However, this process is just the first step in LCCC’s journey – there is recognition that much of the change process lies ahead for the club and its leaders. Transition to a more straight talking and goal orientated culture will challenge all members of the team. The existing collaborative strengths of the club combined with the new CEO, coach and captain, will stand the club in good stead to make positive changes in pursuit of their aims.