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“Isle is a specialist technical consultancy with offices spread across the world (UK, Australia, USA). Footdown worked with the whole Isle team to enhance our personal self-awareness, our internal communications (particularly challenging due to our geographic spread), our culture and our values. 
Footdown is an incredible organisation. In the space of just a few hours they had the whole Isle team working together towards a shared goal, using a common language, behaving with aligned principles and values. They brought clear insight and real genuine value to our business. 
I have no doubt that over the next year we will reap a return at least 10 times the amount we spent with Footdown.” 
Piers Clark, Chairman Isle Utilities. 
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 Helping a fast growing global company enhance its culture and team ethic. 


An independent technology and innovation consultancy, Isle Utilities are a global organisation of highly skilled individuals with a scientific or engineering background spread across offices in the UK, US and Australia. Footdown were asked to assist in helping Isle develop a coherent performance culture and team ethic across the business. In order to achieve this, Footdown delivered a ‘High Performance Workplace’ programme, using the iFootdown online diagnostic tool in combination with Insights Discovery personal profiles. 
The global workforce convened in sunny Windsor in May 2014 in order to participate in the HPW programme, and align the team around a common strategy and vision. 

How Footdown helped Isle Utilities unite its global offices behind a coherent vision 

Footdown used Insights Discovery personal profiles as a foundation for the HPW programme. The profiles provided Isle with a simple, yet powerful common language and a better shared understanding of each other. These not only built teamwork and communication across Isle but also helped provide an important context in which Footdown sought to operate the remainder of the HPW programme, and allowed for more open discussions during the workshop. 
During day two of the programme, Footdown used the results of Footdown's F1.1 HPW diagnostic suite (a 10 minute questionnaire) to accurately map the internal perception of Isle Utilities against three powerful models – Culture, Engagement and Performance. 
The results revealed that Isle Utilities was perceived to be a successful, growing organisation with a highly engaged workforce, whose culture was predominantly based around innovation. The organisation as a whole was satisfied with its current cultural positioning given its stage in the growth lifecycle. However there was an agreement for the need to develop performance culture, in order to meet their growth targets. This was caveated with a strong desire to keep the best aspects of their innovative drive and collaborative mindset in order to balance the planned move towards an increased results focus. 
Being spread so widely across the globe brings with it its own unique set of challenges – Footdown successfully facilitated the right conversations that resulted in a coherent and realistic plan going forward to achieve their desired future culture. 

High Performance Workshop Outcome  

With the organisation all in one place for such a short period of time, Footdown was under great pressure to deliver tangible results that would have real impact on the way in which Isle Utilities operates. The HPW workshop successfully established a clear company vision along with important strategic milestones, as well as providing a leadership plan for achieving, and maintaining, a performance culture .