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“The workshop was a great day, exceeding my expectations. I would now like to take the findings to my board as part of my strategy update.” 
Michael Jennings,CEO, Hydro International 
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 Creating a unified vision across the global offices of Hydro International. 


Developing innovative solutions for cost-effective stormwater and wastewater management, Hydro International have plans for significant further global expansion. With new faces in Hydro International’s Global Leadership Team, Footdown were brought in to help unify the company’s four global offices around a collective vision. Referred to as ‘One Hydro’, this vision is to drive results and ensure that the organisation’s four offices in the USA and the UK work together as effectively as possible. 

How Footdown Helped Unify Hydro International 

In the pursuit of this aim Footdown delivered two one-day workshops, with two different teams from within Hydro. 
The groundwork was laid in an initial workshop with 25 managers from across the organisation. This team had previously done Insights Discovery Profiles, a profiling tool which uses a simple four-colour model to understand an individual’s unique preferences in the workplace. This helped provide the team with a common language and shared understanding of each other’s tendencies. 
Footdown was then asked to extend its work to Hydro International’s Global Leadership Team, based on the Footdown flagship High Performance Workplace (‘HPW’) programme. 
Using Footdown's F1.1 HPW Diagnostic suite (a 10 minute online questionnaire) in combination with Footdown’s High Performance Workplace model (’HPW’), Footdown assessed the Global Leadership Team’s perception of the status of the company in relation to three distinct and powerful models. 
The Diagnostic revealed that Hydro International is perceived to be a successful business, and, with a resolutely collaborative culture, is a very good place to work. The results from the Diagnostic were used to encourage conversations within the Team about improvements that could be made; a keener focus on the market, good acquisition, clear organisational values and the establishment of a global supply chain were all identified as necessary strategic milestones to achieve their ambitious long-term ‘One-Hydro’ vision. 


The High Performance Workplace programme was aimed at cementing Hydro International’s strategic direction, establishing better and more effective communication across the different parts of the organisation and improving morale. 
The learnings from the High Performance Workplace workshop enabled Footdown to propose a number of targeted programmes, including a Hydro Leadership Academy, Performance Coaching and a Hydro-wide HPW programme. 
The programme was a success, helping to improve the clarity of vision and develop a High Performing Team within the Global Leadership Team.