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"Gloucestershire cricket (GCCC & GCB) have been working with Footdown to help create a shared vision for cricket across the region. The work has involved use of Footdown's F1.1, which has been invaluable in enabling staff to understand each other's needs, business practices and the best way in which to communicate with each other. It is undeniable that this alone has greatly improved the working relationship across the two organisations allowing us to have sensible and honest conversations about our shared future. With their love of cricket and heritage within the game, they also have a passion to see the sport develop, this too has been an important and welcome component." 

Will Brown, CEO, Cloucestershire County Cricket Club 

Gloucestershire Cricket Ground

 Helping the County Cricket Club and the Cricket Board create a shared vision for Gloucestershire Cricket 


Footdown is currently working with the Gloucestershire County Cricket Club and the Gloucestershire Cricket Board on a project to help the two organisations work together more closely, giving the two organisations the platform to produce a single vision for Gloucestershire Cricket and create an environment where both sets of staff share the same values. Using the F1.1 HPW Diagnostic suite with each organisation has created a fantastic baseline and framework for the exercise. 
A full case study of Footdown's work with the GCCC and the GCB will be available upon the completion of the project.