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 ECB endorsed Footdown projects 

Footdown Ltd. have developed F1.1, an Organisational Intelligence Platform that allows leaders to maintain peak performance by providing them with a continuous view of all aspects of their organisation’s health. It gives leaders the confidence that they are making the correct, meaningful and high impact interventions.  
The ECB has part funded three major projects within professional cricket, on each occasion Footdown's F1.1 has been used with three counties to help them realise their ambitions. 

Gloucestershire Cricket 

In line with the new ECB directive to get County Boards and Clubs working more closely, Will Brown from Gloucestershire County Cricket Club and Steve Silk from the Gloucestershire Cricket Board used iFootdown to help them create a shared vision for Gloucestershire Cricket. The deployment of iFootdown enabled staff from both organisations align their business practices, understand each other’s needs and improve the communication between the two. 
“It is undeniable that Footdown's F1.1 has greatly improved the working relationship across the two organisations allowing us to have sensible and honest conversations about our shared future” Will Brown, CEO, GCCC 
“Their knowledge and passion for the sport has also certainly helped and they have been available for ad hoc discussions at any point throughout our working relationship” Steve Silk, CEO, GCB 

Leicestershire County Cricket Club 

At the beginning of 2015, Wasim Khan, the newly appointed CEO of Leicestershire, engaged the support of Footdown's F1.1 diagnostic tool to help him assess the current organisational health at Leicestershire and to help highlight priority actions. This allowed Wasim to align the early stages of his strategy to his five year vision for the club - to become the ‘leading non-test playing county in the country by 2019’. 
Footdown's F1.1 played an essential role in the overhaul. It provided Leicestershire with a structured process to quickly identify, address and work on key organisational issues in real time. Thus having a big impact on creating the right performance culture for the club. 
“Footdown's F1.1 allowed me to instantly put my finger on the pulse of the club and then track the progress of the organisation so I can lead them to sustainable success” Wasim Khan, CEO, LCCC 

Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club 

Lisa Pursehouse used Footdown's F1.1 to help the club improve and maintain its already high performance levels. The diagnostic and Footdown's support helped the senior team build on their recent success to help them stay ahead of the chasing pack. 
By accurately mapping the perceptions of staff at Nottinghamshire, Footdown's F1.1 revealed some important truths about the way in which the club was operating. This gave Lisa clarity to pick the right interventions to best improve internal communication, collaboration and leadership as Nottinghamshire sought to cement their reputation as one of the best counties in England. The F1.1 diagnostic has allowed Nottinghamshire to quickly determine crucial issues and define next steps to drive performance to take them from a very good team to a great one.