Bristol Rugby Shield
“I came to the Club in May 2013, and yesterday, for the first time I witnessed the massive change in the way the players’ now react, handle and present themselves. 
Our ongoing Footdown process is producing the goods! Attitudes have changed, people are making stuff happen, timescales are being met, the guys feel good and we are winning on the pitch.” 

John Harrison, Team Manager, Bristol Rugby  

Bristol Rugby

 Helping Bristol Rugby establish a clear vision and set of values 


Andy Robinson joined the Bristol Rugby Club in the summer of 2013 as Director of Rugby and immediately embarked on a programme to align the players, coaches and management team with the ambitious vision he had for the club. 
Having been a Footdown Fifteen* member for over five years, and having used the ‘iFootdown’ diagnostic programme previously with Scotland Rugby, Andy asked Footdown to develop a programme that would unite the players, coaches and management team around his vision and values for Bristol Rugby with the aim to get the club back to its winning ways and, ultimately, premiership rugby. 

How Footdown helped create a shared vision 

Using the club manager as the point of focus, the summer months were spent integrating and engaging the whole club in a way that created a real buzz and sense of joint purpose amongst everyone involved. 
Footdown then delivered a two-stage programme. Firstly, workshops using the Insights Discovery profiles tool – provided a crucial insight into the behaviours and style of individual members of the Club, developing a shared language that would quickly and effectively align efforts. 
Profiles were especially important in an organisation that operates in such a high pressure and competitive environment. Deepening the understanding between individuals of their working habits and how they can improve communication was important in supporting Bristol Rugby Club’s improved future performance. 
Secondly, workshops using iFootdown's F1.1 diagnostic tool, carried out at senior management level. This quickly identified those areas that needed most attention in order to achieve the Club’s ambitions. 
Before embarking on the diagnostic workshop the senior management had established a draft set of Club values. The workshop then allowed them to bring these values to life and so reform the club in pursuit of their ambitious goals. Significantly, the diagnostic revealed that some values were in contention with the competitive, results driven culture. The tool helped reveal the potentially discordant relationship between these two aspects of the Club and intelligently informed a discussion and action plan to build a Performance Culture that would suit their needs, both on and off the pitch. 
Footodwn's F1.1 played a significant role in the Club’s journey and had a sustained impact, improving both communication between the different parts of the club and helping to inform and define the Club’s culture. Footdown are pleased that Bristol Rugby Club, in the 2013/2014 season won the Championship, although they failed to get promoted after losing the Premiership Play-Off to London Welsh.