Badminton England
“The support we had from Footdown was tremendous. We were embarking on a new strategy which would articulate our journey towards our vision. However, we felt we needed to revisit our values that would guide our behaviours. These values are now embedded throughout Badminton England and play a vital role in our recruitment strategies to ensure we not only identify the right skills but also the right behaviours. The expertise from Footdown was instrumental in us filling such a key piece in our strategic planning.” 

Adrian Christie, CEO, Badminton England 

Badminton Court

 Helping Badminton England recharge and drive growth 


In 2011, Footdown were asked by Badminton England, the National Governing Body for Badminton, to help recharge the organisation and drive growth. To this end Badminton England engaged with Footdown and devised a programme to help build a values led organisation. 


Working with cross sections of the team, Footdown sought to establish values that were representative of the organisation as a whole. The impact of this ‘bottom up’ approach was felt immediately, the effects of which still form an important part of the fabric of the organisation today. 
Head of Consultancy, Vikram Banerjee, lead the programme in which 8 people from across Badminton England were grouped into pairs, each tasked to run two workshops in different parts of the country and in different departments of the organisation. Although these workshops varied in style and substance, (e.g working with coaches in the North-East region and working with the marketing department at the BE Headquarters), each was critical in forming the group consensus on the central organisation values. Footdown’s programme ensured that the values were significant and relevant to the organisation, in three ways: 
a fair representation of all people within the organisation 
a close match to Badminton England’s external environment in which it operates 
created from within by people working in the organisation, rather than imposed by either the leadership team or Footdown 
Presenting the findings of the 3 month programme to the board and the CEO, the values were signed off and integrated into the recruitment plan and development plans. A bonus scheme was created for those who were deemed to be embracing and successfully living the core organisational values. 
Currently the 5th largest participation sport in the UK, the work that Footdown did with Badminton England and the organisational values the programme established forms an important part of the organisation’s continued peak performance.