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Footdown is devoted to the development of performance culture and sustained member engagement in organisations. Through the years Footdown has honed its techniques and has now created its revolutionary F1.1 Organisational Intelligence Platform to deliver insight and tangible benefit faster and more cost effectively. Through workshops and tools, Footdown has brought significant improvement to a great many organisations across all sectors. 
Helping the board align around a five year strategy and engage with emerging high potential leaders within the organisation 
Footdown helps embed sustainable change and develop a high performing team with a new Chief Constable 
Footdown assist a technology and innovation consultancy in developing a coherent performance culture and team ethic 

Badminton England 

Footdown helps Badminton England recharge and drive participation 

Leicestershire County Cricket Club 

Helping a newly appointed CEO maintain peak performance and carry out meaningful change within the club 

Footdown helps the new Commercial Department, the Senior Executive Team and the Retail Team 
Footdown helps with a major reorganisation project 


The ECB has part funded three major projects within professional cricket, on each occasion Footdown's F1.1 has been used with three counties to help them realise their ambitions 

Bristol Rugby  

Creating a High Performance Workplace to propel Bristol Rugby towards Premiership status 

Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club  

Using iFootdown to help the county maintain, and improve on, its peak performance 

Footdown helps a leading provider of software development services to align their culture 
Footdown helps a highly innovative firm towards achieving their global ambitions 

Gloucestershire Cricket 

Using Footdown's F1.1 to help the County Cricket Club and the Cricket Board work together towards a more aligned vision for Gloucestershire Cricket 


The RFU's Head of Professional Coach Development, Kevin Bowring, gives his thoughts on a Footdown masterclass session 

Professional Cricketers Association 

Footdown working with the PCA to create sustainable change within the organisation 

"I have no doubt that over the next year we will reap a return at least 10 times the amount we spent on Footdown" 
Piers Clark 
Commercial Director of Thames Water & Chairman of Isle Utilities